What Will a .22 Air Rifle Kill?

A .22 air rifle will come in handy within your home or outside, especially when hunting. Perhaps, you possess a .22 air rifle and you are wondering how effective and accurate it is, especially when hunting, read on.

So, what will a .22 air rifle kill? At the exact place and with the perfect shot, a .22 air rifle can effectively kill any game. However, it will depend on the pellet's energy and how it penetrates the animal's body. The rifle can also effectively kill animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and even rats. For bigger animals, you need to be sure with your shot because the air rifle pellets may fail to penetrate hard bones. If you can aim at an animal's vital organs, you will likely bring your catch home no matter the size.

A .22 air rifle is mostly owned by sportsmen for sporting reasons, while others acquire them for hunting purposes. Unlike actual firearms, an air rifle's stray pellets cannot cause serious damages to innocents. In this article, we will look at some of the animals that you can kill using a .22 inch pellet air rifle.

Can a .22 Kill a Bear?

It is possible to kill a bear using a .22 air rifle; however, you must be lucky enough to give it your best shot that can penetrate its soft tissues or into the skull. When targeting such a mammoth animal, you may need more than a single shot to take it down. Make sure to park a lot of .22 inch bullets to ensure that you don't completely miss your target. In case you don't succeed in killing the bear with your air rifle, you can have a backup plan.

Can a .22 Kill a Deer?

Deer's are one of the fastest animals alive, but with a clear shot and the right velocity, they are so easy to kill with a .22 air rifle. Ensure you have a clear shot through the lungs, heart, and brain or on the deer's spinal column to slay the deer faster.

Sometimes, you may succeed in your target, but it will run for quite some distance before becoming overwhelmed. Thus, you will need to trace it manually.

Will a .22 Penetrate a Deer Skull?

At a close range and with a well-aimed shot, you can bring down a huge deer with a single shot on the skull with a .22 air rifle. Make sure you don't shoot at a glancing angle because that will reduce its penetration power. If a .22 can penetrate a thick hardwood up to about an inch or more, a deer's skull won't be a hard task to do, especially when at the right angle.

Can a .22 Kill a Moose?

Just like killing a deer, killing a moose with a .22 is possible with a well-placed shot. A moose may look bigger than a deer, but you can never go wrong with the right shot on its vital organs.

Some moose have been killed by shooting straight into their eyes, while for some, you may slay them by aiming right on the neck. If you hit an organ like the heart, the moose may not die instantly, but it will bleed out and die after a while. However, you will have to be careful to keep it in sight; or else, you will have to spend some time tracing your hunt.

Can a .22 kill an Elk?

An elk and a moose are almost alike; therefore, if a .22 can kill a moose, you will be right to guess that it can kill an elk. If you are a good shooter and trust your shots, it would be easy to fall an elk at a close range.

With proper aiming, a .22 air rifle can kill almost any animal. A poor shot on the elk can fail to kill the animal, and you may trace and find them or disappear not to be found.

Can a .22 Kill a Coyote?

Aiming at the head of a coyote with a .22 may not be easy because it is small, hindering a clear shot to kill the animal. Most hunters find it easy to aim for the lungs, liver, or heart for a sure kill.

Shooting for the head when you are sure of your placement may seem the best way to kill a coyote, however failure to give it your best shot will only leave a dent on its head, an injury that it can easily survive with. Thus, shooting other body organs can give them a leeway to run, but they may not go far before they succumb.

Can a .22 Kill a Mountain Lion?

To kill a mountain lion with a .22 requires a great deal of accuracy to hit one of it's vital organs. As a wrongly placed .22 bullet may irritate the mountain lion, putting your life in danger. You require a high level of bravery to face or even down a mountain lion.

Suppose you miss a shot; the best thing is to keep aiming and firing until you completely subdue it. If you hit the cat on the non-vital organs, where it can still approach you, it is prudent to hide as you wait for it to fall.

Can a .22 Kill a Bobcat?

You can kill a bobcat with a single .22 bullet, especially if you are a straight shooter. Some hunters use bird or rabbit distress to attract the cat and kill it at a clear close range without missing it.

A bobcat is smaller than, say, a deer or even an elk; therefore, killing it with a .22 should be a lot easier. Besides, just like the mountain lion, the bobcat also does not have much fur or a lot of skin underneath.

Will a .22 Kill a Dog?

Killing a dog at close range using a .22 ammunition may be pretty tasking; the most effective way to do it is by shooting on the skull. Moreover, aiming for a dog's head for a clean shot is challenging. Therefore, a shot on the chest gives you a wider surface area to its organs, and a slit on the lungs will finally subdue the animal.

Will a .22 Kill a Badger?

Badgers are smaller animals, almost the size of an average dog or a Coyote. A .22 bullet can kill a badger, but it won't be a simple task because they are tough to kill. You must ensure that you have a properly close range of about fifty yards and a clear shot aiming for the head; with that, you will surely bring the badger home.

Also, Badgers tend to move in groups, so you can gather a huge kill in a single day if you are fast enough and accurate.

Can a.22 Kill an Elephant?

An elephant is one of the biggest land animals you can find in the wild. A .22 caliber can kill an elephant, but it will majorly depend on where you shoot and the velocity of the .22 rounds.

An elephant also may take a while before it goes down because the bullet cannot instantly kill it. Thus, the most effective way to go is to target the head just above the ears; the bullet will drive into the brain, leaving a wound that may eventually contact an infection causing the elephant to succumb.

Aiming for other body parts will probably leave the animal with wounds to suffer from. However, animal ethics would require that you would rather kill them instantly than to leave the animals to suffer.


A .22 caliber can kill almost any kind of animal. But it depends on your ability to put up a clear shot. A missed shot at a wild animal can be critical; therefore, being cautious is paramount when using a gun loaded with .22 rounds.

However, smaller animals such as rats and rabbits are much easier to kill with a .22 caliber. It is also possible to down an animal by shooting at their vital organs no matter how big they are; the animal will bleed and finally succumb. Some animals may run with the wounds and never to be found.



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