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In this section we have the latest articles on the different types of guns.

What Is a Deactivated Gun?

Guns are the most dangerous tools responsible for mass destruction of property and life, especially when they land in unauthorized hands. Malicious groups and criminals can...

What Will a .22 Air Rifle Kill?

A .22 air rifle will come in handy within your home or outside, especially when hunting. Perhaps, you possess a .22 air rifle and you are...


In this section we have the latest articles on the military.

Do Soldiers Choose Their Own Weapons?

Soldiers protect their nations' territories from invading forces. Thus, having a good gun is necessary to boost their confidence and performance on the battlefield or duty...

Do Soldiers Pick Up Enemy Weapons?

In the past, it was common to find soldiers picking up enemy items to use during combat and even keeping them as souvenirs. Such items include...

Does the Military Let You Keep Your Equipment?

If you are a soldier and planning to resign or about to retire, you already know that you can retain some items but must return others...

Can Soldiers Keep Their Guns?

It is not unusual for a soldier to wish to keep the government-issued gun after the war or an assignment. They may wish to keep them...

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